2016 ODP Girls Thanksgiving Interregional

Follow the action from the US Youth Soccer ODP Girls Thanksgiving Interregional in Boca Raton, Fla. Read More

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Never Forget What It's All About - Fitness

Youth Soccer Month 2016 - FITNESS Read More


Week 4 - Fitness

Week 4 of soccer month is all about fitness and keeping yourself physically and mentally in shape. Read More

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Never Forget What It's All About - Friendship

Youth Soccer Month 2016 - FRIENDSHIP Read More


Week 3 - Friendship

Friendships can be made as we share our experiences, trials and triumphs of soccer with others. Read More

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Never Forget What It's All About - Family

Youth Soccer Month 2016 - FAMILY Read More


National Make Your Own Ball Day

Celebrate National Make Your Own Ball Day on September 15, 2016! Read More


Week 2 - Family

Take some time this week to thank your family for all the car-rides, orange slices and support. Read More


Street Soccer Day

Join us in celebrating the fifth annual Street Soccer day on September 7, 2016! Read More


Never Forget What it's ALL about.

Youth Soccer Month 2016 - FUN Read More