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Celebrating in Your Area

Who can participate in the Youth Soccer Month Celebration?

Everyone! Although US Youth Soccer conceptualized Youth Soccer Month, we are not claiming the celebration of Youth Soccer Month as our own. We want the entire country to celebrate the sport of soccer throughout the month of September each year. There are too many reasons to count why soccer is such an important and inspirational part of our every day lives. US Youth Soccer has claimed September as a time to draw attention to our sport and celebrate it with all who are involved, from players to coaches and referees, to parents and siblings, to teachers and administrators, to spectators and fans….everyone can find a reason to celebrate "The Game for All Kids!".
How can a State Association participate in the Youth Soccer Month Celebration?
Youth Soccer Month is an opportunity for State Associations to take advantage of the national attention created from the US Youth Soccer National Office surrounding Youth Soccer Month.
1. Contact your Mayor/Governor 
Send the attached sample letter and press release to your Mayor/Governor and have your city/state officially recognize September as Youth Soccer Month.
2. Use your media resources 
Contact local newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations. Make them aware that September is Youth Soccer Month and convince them that soccer in your state is worthy of a headline. If you are a college, use the sample press release attached to get started.
3. Reach out to your community 
Distribute flyers and/or display posters in community buildings. Organize mini soccer matches in town squares, city parks and other high-traffic lunch areas. Host a "Youth Soccer Media Day" and invite local newspaper reporters, television personalities and radio celebrities to participate in a round-robin tournament with local pros. Use the Youth Soccer Month logo to draw attention to the nationwide celebration of Youth Soccer in America. Capitalize on the special attention!
4. Present special awards 
Take this opportunity to create a new award in honor of Youth Soccer Month. Consider a web driven contest for the: "Youth Soccer Month Award" judged on talent, sportsmanship, scholastics, or "Player of the Week" judged on one of the four messages of Youth Soccer Month. 

5. Work with the schools in your community 
Approach universities and high schools and encourage them to bring inner-city kids to campus for games and events at the school. Ask college teams to work with your clubs/teams/programs or to visit schools in the area to talk about the benefits of participation.
6. Engage your sponsors 
If your state association has partnered with local or national organizations for support, invite them to get involved. Ask them to promote the month by offering special discounts to customers in honor of the month, or perhaps to display or distribute your state association's informational materials at their retail outlets branded with the Youth Soccer Month logo. Maybe they would be willing to donate product for or participate in an event/tournament hosted by your state association in September.
7. Host a Carnival/Field Day/Festival 
Celebrate Youth Soccer in your community with a big party…perhaps even a fundraiser! Feature radar gun shots on goal, target scoring, obstacle course, target throw in, dunking booth – kick ball to knock trigger, juggling contest, free lessons, introduce a friend promo, family competitions, soccer bowling/croquet, basketball soccer, workshops. Host a picnic lunch and invite players from local professional or college teams to "show off" during an exhibition. Invite the local radio/TV stations to cover for more exposure.
8. Reach out to other organizations 
Coordinate with local charities such as hospitals and Special Olympics chapters to discuss ways to collaborate and celebrate. Speak with local chapters of Girl/Boy Scouts about ways to introduce their membership to soccer. Work with theme parks or other entertainment attractions to host free soccer clinics and fun soccer-related activities as part of their recognition of Youth Soccer Month.