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Youth Soccer Month is full of fun activities for everyone!

Make sure you check the Youth Soccer Month Event Calendar to find a list of all upcoming activities!
If you are hosting an activity, and it's not listed on our calendar, please let us know so that we can make everyone aware of your event.

Upcoming Week 4 (Fitness) Events:


We have some great activities planned for 2015! Check below for the events planned this week:

- Sept. 24: Southwest Baptist University vs. Upper Iowa (Mens)

- Sept. 25: Vanderbilt vs Florida (Womens)

- Sept. 26: St. Cloud State vs Winona State University (Womens)

- Sept. 26: Navy vs. Loyola (Womens)

- Sept. 26: Navy vs Loyola (Mens)

- Sept. 26: South Baptist University vs. Lindenwood (Mens)

- Sept 26: Vanderbilt vs Dartmouth (Women)

- Sept. 26: Eastern Pennsylvania Street Soccer Clinic

- Sept. 26: Saint Louis University vs. Evansville (Womens)