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Week 1 - Fun



At US Youth Soccer we provide a fun, safe and healthy game for ALL KIDS...big kids, little kids, tall kids, short kids, young kids, older who want to play for one season, kids who want to play for 20 seasons, kids who play strictly for fun, and kids who want to compete at the highest level possible. This week we want to break from the competition and make sure we’re all just having fun! Make sure you take time this week to enjoy the fun soccer brings into your life by kicking a soccer ball everywhere you go, watching your favorite team play, pretend to be your favorite player or even get mom and dad to take you to a game. We want to make sure each and every player, past and present, remembers the fun soccer has brought into their lives.

Make sure you celebrate Street Soccer Day this week on Sept. 7!  Learn more here.

Fun Q&A: Tim Howard talks about the fun in soccer